In early 1990, I stumbled into my first yoga class with a woman named Ellie Brown. That fateful day changed the course of my life. In this podcast I sit down with my first yoga teacher and talk with her about the early days of yoga in the United States as well as her own journey of healing and self discovery which led from yoga to various forms of bodywork.

Ellie is one of several people in my life to whom I owe so much of what I have today. In this podcast, I’m sure you will see why!


If you would like to contact Ellie Brown, you can email her or call her office at 860-599-3373. Her yoga studio and healing center is located in South Eastern Connecticut.

During the interview, the following teachers and healers were discussed:

Patricia Walden (yoga teacher)

Judith Hanson Lasater (yoga teacher)

Bonnie Pruden and her book on Myotherapy

John Upledger and CranioSacral Therapy

Barbara Brennan and her book, Hands of Light.

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