Jesus Camp, the hit documentary in theaters across the United States right now is raising many eyebrows.  The film takes a look at the Evangelical Christian movement in general and the work of the Reverend Becky Fischer specifically.  Becky, who runs a summer camp for children, which states its goal: to teach, train, and equip children to do the work of ministry and release them in their giftings and callings. 

While many see this film as controversial, Becky Fischer apparently likes the film and promotes it from her website.  Ted Haggard, a prominent Christian leader, who is also featured in the film, has a less than flattering opinion about it and has criticized it on his website.

Lance King is a long-standing friend of mine and a Christian.  He loosely defines himself as an evangelical but has many concerns about the direction in which many conservative Christians are moving politically, socially and even spiritually.  I asked him if he would go see the documentary Jesus Camp, and share with us his feedback and perceptions on the film.

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