Matt is a transgender man who is a third year law student.  After graduating he plans to work for a public interest law firm serving the LGBT community. He has worked for a variety of social justice organizations and is a former member of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission’s LGBT Advisory Committee, and was formerly on the Board of the Gay and Lesbian Historical Society of Northern California.

He is a current member of the California State Bar’s Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination.

Matt has dedicated his life to securing the human rights of sexual and gender minorities, to his yoga practice, and (perhaps most importantly) to the New York Yankees.

Civil Rights Groups:
Transgender Law Center
The National Center for Transgender Equality
The Transgender Law and Policy Institute

Social and Support Groups:
FTM San Francisco
Female to Male International
Transgender San Francisco

General Information Groups:
The Center for Gender Sanity
The World Professional Institute for Transgender Health
Gender Public Advocacy Group (GenderPac)

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