Part One: Original 2009 Interview

Part Two:  Follow up Interview July  2012

Shahla Ettefagh has committed her life to assisting underprivileged children in India. she gave up her careers in USA and permanently relocated to India in 2002 to create Mother Miracle’s Programs in slums of Rishikesh free of charge.

Shahla Ettefagh has a master’s degree in Architecture and a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Psychology with an emphasis in child development. In 1984, she started a successful commercial interior art design firm, as well as an adult community art school, in San  Francisco, California, USA. During repeated visits to India since 1995, Shahla was heartbroken after witnessing the desperation of Indian children in slum areas. 

Her life was not the same thereafter, and she became inspired to help children in India. In 2002, Shahla decided to give up her career and planned to permanently relocate to India.

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