Jeffrey Small, Jr. is the author of the mystical thriller, The Breath of God, a popular blogger on Huffington Post, and an acclaimed speaker on religious and spirituality topics.  A student of world religions, Jeffrey has studied at Harvard and Yale and traveled the globe to study various religions.  In addition he is a successful real estate developer and champion amateur ballroom dancer along with his wife Alison.  He is also active in the Episcopal Church and board member of the General Theological Seminary in New York.

Breath of God is a novel of suspense and spirituality.   It is the story of a graduate student who travels to the Himalayas to try to find linkages in the world religions and the antagonist zealots who try to protect their belief systems.  Throughout their journeys, the characters experience their own spiritual journeys. Jeffrey and Darren talk about St. Issa and the legend that Jesus traveled through the Middle East and India where he underwent his spiritual awakening and around which the plot of the novel revolves. Through his story, Jeffrey hopes to create a point of discussion about the commonalities of the religions of the world.



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Breath of God

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