Kerri was drawn to the grace and compassion of yoga in 1999 after suffering many physical injuries from a lifetime of sports and exercise. Since then, Kerri’s personal and professional practice has evolved to embrace yoga as a method of self-regulation and transformation. Kerri has been teaching yoga for six years and continues to explore many styles of yoga to ensure creativity and balance in her classes. She has developed a Yoga for Runners program and teaches cross-training workshops throughout the Bay Area. She is an active ambassador for Off the Mat, Into the World and facilitates leadership programs about yoga and activism.

In this podcast, Kerri gives powerful advice on how one can apply yoga principles off the mat by embodying yoga in every moment of our lives. By finding our voices and inspiring others to do the same, yoga is able to change individuals and transform whole communities.


Kerri Kelly’s Website

Off the Mat, Into the World

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