Jason and deMarco’s music, a rich blend of two beautiful voices,  has been compared to NSYNC and Savage Garden, and the deeply spiritual lyrics to their music have touched people all over the world.

What is interesting about these uniquely talented young men is both are very spiritual, and both are openly gay.  Through their music, they have been able to heal the rift between their spirituality and their sexuality and in doing so have helped many others to do the same.

They have worked with such superstars as Dolly Parton, The Dixie Chicks, Melissa Etheridge and Cindy Lauper to contribute music to the Human Rights Campaign’s  benefit album, Love Rocks which celebrates marriage equality.  Their growing popularity and their work in the GLBT civil rights movement has landed them on the cover of the Advocate, one of the premiere magazines covering gay, lesbian and transgender issue in the United States.

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