Sean Johnson is the founder and director of Wild Lotus Yoga Center in New Orleans where, according to the New Orleans Gambit Weekly, you can take the best yoga classes in the city.  In addition to teaching yoga, he also leads Kirtan (devotional Indian chanting) and has three CDs available.  He travels extensively with his music and yoga.

Living in New Orleans through Katrina and seeing his childhood home destroyed by the storm has fueled his passion for rebuilding his city.  Much of the work he does now is dedicated to raising both awareness and money for a city that is still very much broken.

Sean’s Music
World Peace Chants
Live at Laughing Lotus
Download live recordings of Sean’s yoga classes

Karma Yoga
During the interview, Sean suggested offering donations to Habitat for Humanity.  He also asked us all to contact our congress people in Washington, DC and remind them about the need to rebuild the Gulf Coast.  He also mentioned a great yoga studio in New York called Laughing Lotus, if you are in NY, be sure to check them out.

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