The Music of Amber Field

Infusing music from ancient India, the Middle East and tribal Australia, Amber Fields music will stir heart string you didn’t even know were there!    Her latest album Serendip has already become a staple in yoga studios around the world. In

Chanting with Ryan Brewer

While Ryan Brewer began practicing and teaching yoga for the physical benefits, he quickly discovered that Bhakti yoga—the yoga of devotion and heart opening would become an important part of his path.   After facing his crippling fears of singing

The Music of Sam Jackson

  Sam Jackson is a renowned musician who’s pioneering work with the crystal singing bowls has become the sound track in hundreds of yoga classes and massage therapy offices.  The tones vibrate the listener to the core and frequently move

The Tunnel Singer

If  you wander the lush, green hills surrounding San Francisco, you may be lucky enough to encounter the  hauntingly beautiful music of Lee Ellen Shoemaker, also known as The Tunnel Singer.  Lee Ellen uses abandoned World War I  military tunnels