Modern technology allows us to easily record your interview from the comfort of your home or office.  As long as you are in a quiet space with a reliable internet connection, the recording should be near flawless.  Best of all, you don’t need to be a tech wizard.

To get a clean, clear and reliable recording we use a service called ZOOM.  Joining a ZOOM meeting takes only a few clicks or taps on your favorite desktop or mobile device.

Be Prepared
Taking a few minutes  to become familiar with ZOOM will help you feel more comfortable and relaxed and we can jump right into the interview at the scheduled time.  If you have any difficulty, please let us know—we are here to support you.

  1.  Review the instructions for joining a meeting a day or two before our scheduled interview.
  2. If you plan to use your mobile device, you will want to download the Zoom App.
  3. Set up a Free ZOOM account HERE.
  4. Make sure you have the meeting ID number.  You should see it in your calendar and/or in a confirmation email  If you can’t find it, please let us know.
  5. A USB Headset with Microphone is ideal, but not required.


NOTE: You are welcome to delete the ZOOM app and your ZOOM account once the interview is over if you don’t plan to use the service again.